Rocket boy 55 is currently completing their 6th album, which is entitled Victoria Station. It is a mad colletion of songs continuing their history of producing their own brand of Indie- Math- Punk. Set to be released in fall 2012, the 55 will finally come out of hiding to play live again. A CD release show is being planned now and if Rob has anything to say about it there will be a short tour. The 55 plan to head right back in to Grease Lightning Records Studio to complete a B side album which contains songs scrapped from all of the past 6 albums, as well as some side projects and possibly a cover or two. Which if you know rocket boy at all, you know they don't do covers, so watch out it will be a first.



Rocket boy 55 was founded in 2002 and based out of Waukesha, WI. The band spawned from the dismissal of Rob De Angelis from his former band, Johnny Toymaker: " I never want to put that much work into a band and get kicked out again, so I'm starting my own band." One week from his exit from Johnny Toymaker, the 55 was born. Soon after, the idea of what the 55 was to become came to him. An Indie/punk band with a mathy twist making a sound like nothing you've ever heard before. The 55 is influenced by bands such as At the Drive-in,Taking Back Sunday, Thursday , Sparta, Braid, Sunny Day Realestate, Gauge, Paramore, Sunday Flood , Jimmy Eat World and many more, and from these influences we have created our own distinct sound . Rocket Boy 55 has had its share of lineup changes, but it's sound and direction have never wavered. Having produced 6 albums and being part of several compilations, Rocket boy is a machian to which no amount of hurdles will slow this band down. Rocket Boy 55 is currently Rob DeAngelis (Guitar, Vocals) and Angie Wilke (Keys) and together they will rock you to the core.






Victoria Station 2012 Full Length